Plastic Disposable Static Mixer Nozzles

Image of spiral mixer, elements and flow distribution.
Image of square turbo mixer, elements and flow distribution.
Image of square OptiMixer, elements and flow distribution.

Rockingham Systems supply a number of plastic static mixers, for high volume mixing and dispensing with Meter mix valves or cartridges. We are able to mix and dispense a wide range of resins and 2-part adhesives (glues) such as, Polyurethanes, Epoxy Resins, Acrylics, Silicones, Polysulfides and other adhesives, as well as multiple other two part reactive chemicals.

Each type has different options within its own range to allow use with 2 component cartridge systems or meter, mix and dispensing systems as well as a number of different outlets for use with various tips and accessories, our mixers can be arranged into three different types:-

  • Spiral motionless mixers, are helical type mixers suitable for large volumes and low to high pressures, they are widely used in industry with meter mix dispense equipment, but also used equally so with cartridge systems.
  • Turbo Static Mixers, uses intermittent flow inverter technology to provide a higher flow rate with less effort allowing the operator to be closer to the application. Options within the range to use with meter mix dispense equipment or 2 component cartridge systems.
  • OptiMixers, uses proprietary flow simulation technology to deliver a better mix quality, reducing length by 20% and therefore retained volume by 30%. OptiMixers are solely designed for uses with 2K cartridges and feature a 7/8-9 thread.

Looking for an alternative supplier? Simply contact us with the part number of the static mixer you currently use, we will then match that to our alternative mixer and offer it to you with enhanced lead times and competitive quantity price break discounts!

Plastic Disposable mixers are ideal for single use dispensing applications. Mixing elements are moulded from either acetal or polypropylene, while the mixer tubes are moulded from either polypropylene or nylon.

Our Static Mixers Have Been Utilized in the Following Applications and Industries: -

  • 2 Part adhesive, resin and silicone manufacturers and packaging companies.
  • Agricultural, Construction and Dispensing Equipment.
  • Automotive, Locomotive and Aerospace manufacturing.
  • Potting, RIM moulding, gasketing and encapsulation.
  • Cleaning and purification.
  • Chemical treatments.
  • Construction applications.
  • Damp proofing.
  • Fireproofing.
  • Marine/offshore, pipelines, oil and gas applications.
  • Metal finishing and Paint stripping.
  • FRP / Fibreglass.
  • Product assembly.
  • Secondary containment and leak repairs.
  • Sewer treatment and Soil Stabilization.
  • Pile Encapsulation.
  • Truck, Bus, Trailer and RV manufacturing.
  • Utilities construction and maintenance.
  • Furniture assembly and coating, including PU edgings.

Take advantage of our industry expertise and contact us with details of your application.