Inline Static Mixer Pipes & Elements

image of stainless steel mixers with acetyl elements and stainless steel mixers with stainless steel elements, all with threaded ends.

Rockingham Systems supply a number of Inline static mixers (mixer tubes) manufactured from a range of materials, mainly used for high volume inline mixing as part of a process or for inserting and mixing additives. the diversity of our inline range means you able to mix a wide range of chemicals, oils and gasses as well as adhesives, paints and inks etc.

We have solutions within this range for most applications as each type of inline mixer falls into its own category of use, ranging from inert to high pressure to corrosive and more. Failing this we can also supply mixer elements for custom configurations.

Our Static Mixers Have Been Utilized in the Following Applications and Industries: -

  • 2 Part adhesive, resin and silicone manufacturers and packaging companies.
  • Agricultural, Construction and Dispensing Equipment.
  • Automotive, Locomotive and Aerospace manufacturing.
  • Potting, RIM moulding, gasketing and encapsulation.
  • Cleaning and purification.
  • Chemical treatments.
  • Construction applications.
  • Damp proofing.
  • Fireproofing.
  • Marine/offshore, pipelines, oil and gas applications.
  • Metal finishing and Paint stripping.
  • FRP / Fibreglass.
  • Product assembly.
  • Secondary containment and leak repairs.
  • Sewer treatment and Soil Stabilization.
  • Pile Encapsulation.
  • Truck, Bus, Trailer and RV manufacturing.
  • Utilities construction and maintenance.
  • Furniture assembly and coating, including PU edgings.

Take advantage of our industry expertise and contact us with details of your application.