Atlas 2K - The Efficient Cartridge Piston Insertion Tool

The Atlas 2K Piston Inserter gives the adhesive packaging process an efficient, repeatable and cost effective solution for installing Air-Free Pistons. This equipment not only seats pistons correctly every time, it also has an auto bleed valve which removes air completely, even when the A and B parts are at un-even levels, eliminating costly and time consuming emptying and refilling.

The Atlas 2K can install pistons into 50 ml, 200 ml and 300 ml Side x Side cartridges and offers the following features and benefits:-

  • Simple to set-up and operate.
  • Two hand safety activation switch.
  • Pistons seated correctly, every-time.
  • Compact space saving footprint.
  • Rugged and lightweight units are easily transported.
  • Conversion kit available that allows the 50 ml system to handle 200 ml cartridges and visa-versa.
  • The 300 ml unit can also seat pistons in 200 ml cartridges.
  • Designed for use with Air-free Pistons.
Atlas 2K Piston inserter alongside some pistons and adhesive cartridges.

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50 mL Piston Inserter



200mL Piston Inserter



300mL Piston Inserter

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