Motionless Static Mixers, 2 Component Cartridge Systems & Cartridge Dispensers

the 2K range: static mixers, cartridges, cartridge dispensers and inline Sta

We lead the way with industrial mixing systems that are uniquely designed to accurately mix and dispense two part adhesives, resins, silicones and many other two component reactive materials, whilst eliminating trapped air and maximising ratio accuracy. We offer metering, mixing and dispensing systems as well as 2 component adhesive packaging / cartridge systems, cartridge dispensers, meter mix valves and inline plastic or stainless steel static mixers from Nordson EFD (TAH).

The 2K Range - Providing Mixing Solutions

  • Two types of plastic mixer geometry: Spiral or Square.
  • Complete lines of plastic disposable mix nozzles and Stainless Steel re-usable mixers covering low-high pressure applications.
  • Custom made Steel Inline mixers and individual plastic mixer elements.
  • Two Component Cartridge systems with up to 1500 ml capacity.
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified.
  • Competitive priced high quality products with fast lead times and excellent customer service.

Did you know, we can also sell the individual elements used to make our mixers? Click here to see Series 120 Acetyl Mixer Elements, Also available in Polypropylene.

How to choose a Spiral Static Mixer

When looking for the correct mixer, we advise you always choose the higher number of elements if one of these two things occur:-

  • Materials A and B are of very different viscosities.
  • Materials A and B are of wide mix ratios i.e. 4:1 or greater.

Please see our tables below as a quick guide to help, if you are unsure, please ask we are happy to help.


# Of Mixer Elements


8 - 10


15 - 24


24 - 32

PU Foam

10 - 24


20 - 30


24 - 34

Material Viscosity


Mixer Element Diameter

Thin < 5,000 cps


Medium 5,000-50,000 cps


Thick > 50,000 cps


Guide for Pairing Spiral Static Mixers with 2 Component Cartridge Systems

Disposable Static Mixers Quick Reference


Cartridge Volume & type


Coax 380ml, side x side 200-1500mL

Turbo Mixer

Coax 380ml, side x side 200-1500mL

Turbo Mixer

Coax 380ml, side x side 200-1500mL

Turbo Mixer

Coax 380ml, side x side 200-1500mL

Static Mixer160, 260 & 190

Coax 380ml, side x side 200-1500mL

Static Mixer 190

Side x Side 50mL

Our Cartridges and Static Mixers Have Been Utilized in the Following Applications and Industries: -

  • 2 Part adhesive, resin and silicone manufacturers and packaging companies.
  • Agricultural, Construction and Dispensing Equipment.
  • Automotive, Locomotive and Aerospace manufacturing.
  • Potting, RIM moulding, gasketing and encapsulation.
  • Cleaning and purification.
  • Chemical treatments.
  • Construction applications.
  • Damp proofing.
  • Fireproofing.
  • Marine/offshore, pipelines, oil and gas applications.
  • Metal finishing and Paint stripping.
  • FRP / Fibreglass.
  • Product assembly.
  • Secondary containment and leak repairs.
  • Sewer treatment and Soil Stabilization.
  • Pile Encapsulation.
  • Truck, Bus, Trailer and RV manufacturing.
  • Utilities construction and maintenance.
  • Furniture assembly and coating, including PU edgings.

Take advantage of our industry expertise and contact us with details of your application.