Pressure Primer Extrusion Pumping Systems for Viscous Materials

Examples of 30, 60 and 200 Litre pressure primers.

Our pressure primers for viscous material delivery have a suction valve equipped with a pressure plate that allows the user to pump dense products up to 8 million mPas. Piston extrusion Pumps are mounted directly onto and through the pressure plate, this forces the material into the pump and also helps eliminate air along with the large seals on the pressure plate. A pressing unit located at the base of the drum allows a steady flow of material and protects from misuse with clamps to hold down the drum, this plate can be fitted with wheels to make the extrusion system portable.

The positive displacement pumps we use for our pressure primers are Atex certified.

Advantages of Extrusion Systems

  • Maximum production and operation capacity.
  • No sudden acceleration.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • A minimal amount of material left in the drum.
  • "Drum empty" alarm level sensor.
  • Quick drum replacement.
  • Long working life-time.
  • Easy installation.
  • Small area footprint.
  • Electronic controls with custom configuration (on request).
  • Can be equipped with heated follower plates and drum jackets to lower viscosity.
Pressure primer accessories component heater, two hand switch, heated pressure plate, drum roller-loader, and trolley wheels.

Pressure Primer Accessories

  • Heated follower plate.
  • Thermostatic drum heater.
  • Steel drum clamp or plastic drum lock.
  • Atex II 3 G nC IIB T3 Gc Component Heater.
  • Drum loader/un-loader rollers.
  • Thermostatic drum heater jacket.
  • Dispensing or spray guns.
  • Low pressure flow regulators.
  • High pressure flow regulators.
  • Trolley mounted system.
  • Safe two handed operation switch.
  • Customisation PLC (electronic dosing and operation controls).

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