ProcessMate Temperature Controller

Temperature Control Jacket for use with precise syringe dispensers, giving optimum process control from the fluid being held at the same temperature for each and every dispense cycle.

Complete temperature control system includes a temperature controller and syringe barrel heater jacket that are designed for use with 30 cc syringes, for other sizes another temperature control unit is available.

Consistent fluid temperature is essential for any accurate dispensing process as changes in temperature will affect material viscosity (thickness), this system prevents these changes giving more accurate deposits.

For use in manual dispensing applications or for integrated robot dispensers, and integrates seamlessly to work with your chosen fluid dispenser.

ProcessMate TC100 Features

  • System includes retainer, heater sleeve & Controller.
  • Temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius.
  • For manual or automatic applications.

Benefits of Temperature Control

  • Keeps fluid at a constant viscosity.
  • Can be used to reduce viscosity in thick materials.
  • Control up to +/-1.0 degrees Celsius
Precision Dispensing Valves In Use.

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