ProcessMate 100 - Vacuum Pick-up Tool

Precise vacuum pick-up tool for small, delicate and precise bench-top assembly applications. Unlike conventional tweezers ProcessMate 100 will prevent damage using the lightweighy hand held pen with an assortment of anti-static tips and vacuum cups.

Using a vacuum pick up tool configured with a foot pedal activation frees up your other hand to apply assembly fluids, increasing productivity.

Features of ProcessMate 100

  • Simple setup and operation
  • Comfortable lightweight pickup pen.
  • Assorted tips and cups for different applications.
  • Compact size.

Benefits of Vacuum Pick-up Tools

  • Faster, more precise placement.
  • Prevents damage to delicate parts.
  • Leaves on hand free for use in process
  • Increase throughput with better handling.
ProcessMate 100 Vacuum pick-up tool and tip.
Various dispensing valves in precise lab applications.

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