Optimum Dispensing Components for 1 part Materials

Optimum syringe barrels and cartridges, set the standard for quality, within the fluid dispensing industry. Each component is designed to improve yields, dispensing accuracy and control.

Optimum Components are available in a range of sizes and colours as well as UV blocking and ESD safe Options. To couple with the wide range of cartridges and syringes we also offer a wide range of dispense tips (needle tips) to accommodate most precision dispensing applications and materials, again with UV blocking and ESD Safe options available.

Optimum Components Include:-

  • Syringe Barrels and Pistons for sizes 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc and 55cc.
  • Optimum Cartridge's and Pistons for sizes 2.5fl oz (75ml), 6 fl oz (180 ml), 12 fl oz (260 ml), 20 fl oz (600 ml) & 32 fl oz (960 ml).
  • End Caps & Outlet Caps for syringes & cartridges.
  • Cartridge retainer & feed systems.
  • Syringe Barrel adaptor & retainers.
  • Dispensing Needle Tips, Tapered Tips, Chamfered Tips & Brush Tips.

For Small to medium batch filling of cartridges or syringe barrels, please contact us for more information.

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Syringe Barrels fitted with pistons and dispense tips.
Precision Valves Dispensing fluid.

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