Pro-Meter V2K - Compact, Low Maintenance, 2 Part Dispenser

The Pro-Meter V2K is a top of the range Compact 2-component metering, mixing and dispensing system, for a very wide range of 2 part adhesives & resins such as Polyurethane, Epoxy Resin, Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) as well as sealants like Silicone, Acrylic and Thermal Paste.

Due to the positive rod metering method the V2K is an extremely low maintenance, high accuracy metering system, even with abrasive or heavily filled adhesives. The metering system comes with a build in micro PLC and teach pendant so you can tailor the individual shot sizes you need for each application and save them in the program to call back when you need it.

With gravity tanks as standard for low to medium viscosity resins, the system can also be supplied with feed pumps, pressurised booster tanks and even vacuum feed tanks with agitation, this allows the already versatile V2K to cover an equally wide range of medium to high viscosity (thixotropic) adhesives and resins.

Pro-Meter V2K can be used with either a hand held trigger dispensing gun, on an arm (as shown) with foot pedal activation or as part of an integrated automatic dispensing machine such as an XYZ table or Gantry robot.

Features & Benefits

  • Positive Rod Stays Accurate for longer.
  • No loss of ratio over time.
  • +/- 1% ratio accuracy.
  • Save and recall perimeters for each job.
  • Purge timer to prevent blocked valves or mixers.
  • Tough Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Choice of superior dispense valves.

2 Part Dispensing Solution for

  • Small Batch Assembly & Testing.
  • Aircraft & Aerospace.
  • Battery.
  • Electronics & Electrical.
  • Filters.
  • Lighting & LED.
  • General Product Assembly.
  • General Dosing & Filling.
Pro-Meter V2K in Gravity fed configuration with valve and valve stand.
Pro-Meter V2K
Metering Principle Positive Rod Displacement Metering
Drive Type Pneumatic Air-Over-Oil
Material Dispensing Options Multiple Shot size or Bead
Ratio Range 1:1 up to 20:1
Viscosity Range Low-High
Supply Type Gravity Fed, Pressure Tank or Pump Fed
Max Flow Rate 2L/min

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