Examples of metering equipment, supply systems and valves.
Image of the Pro-Meter 2K.

Metering, Mixing & Dispensing Systems 

Rockingham Systems are Sole Distributors (TPSO) for Nordson Sealant Equipment in, the UK, Ireland & Benelux, this allows us the unique opportunity to use our industry knowledge in offering a new range of dosing and dispensing equipment that not only meets our quality demands but also fits nicely with our current product range without competing with it.

We can dispense and dose a wide range of one and two component materials from low to medium and high viscosity (thixotropic) products, such as; Polyurethane (PU) resin, epoxy resin, Acrylic, Silicone, Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), Polysulphide, Thermal Paste & more. Includes metering and dispensing across a multitude of different two part ratios.

Solutions include dispensing systems for the following examples of application:-

  • Bonding & Sealing.
  • Filling & Dosing.
  • Potting & Encapsulation
  • Casting & moulding.
  • Gasketing & more.

We can also provide any level of after care you require, this includes:-

  • Installation & Training.
  • Spare parts and on-offsite servicing.
  • On-going technical support.
  • Static Mixers and other machine consumables.
  • Service & Consumables contracts

Rhino Bulk Unloader 55 Gallon - 200 litres

Built for dispensing adhesives & sealants such as RTVs, greases, pastes and silicones. Designed to dispense high viscosity, ambient temperatures for a wide range of manufacturing applications. Featuring duarable, easy to operate pumps, with oil-less air motor and easy change flange mounted gland for servicing.

1 and 2 Part Dispensing Valves

valves are engineered to provide precise, repeatable, and reliable dispensing for a variety of 1-part and 2-part materials. Whatever the needs of your system or the materials you're working with, you’re sure to find the right fit with our diverse selection of sealant and adhesive dispensing valves, including fluid control valves, piston valves, air-actuated valves and epoxy dispensers. Nordson sealant valves are available for the management of low-to-high viscosity materials, abrasive materials, pourable or cohesive materials, and high-to-low flow materials. So whether you’re looking for a valve with a fast shut off, a valve designed for bead dispensing or a no-drip valve for accuracy and efficiency, we have it. If you need help selecting the right epoxy dispenser or sealant dispensing valve,

Nordson Sealant Equipment Catalogue

The entire Sealant Equipment range featuring the 2K Series and V2K systems, solutions for one and two component adhesives, resins and silicones, of varying ratios and viscosity. Catalogue includes 2 Part metering and mixing systems, 1 Part metering systems, dispensing valves, fluid control valves, pressure regulators, material supply solutions, XYZ Robot and control systems

Methods of dispensing using different valves for each application.

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