GV Series Automatic Fluid Dispensing Gantry Robot

GV Series is a type of 3 Axis (XYZ) vision guided Cartesian Gantry System specifically designed for automated, precise fluid metering and dispensing applications.

The system is easy to setup as well as being robust, with working envelopes ranging from 400 mm to 800 mm and can be integrated with either one or two part "bulk" metering dispensing systems for resins and adhesives or extremely precise Syringe Barrel and valve systems for materials such as frozen epoxy or solder paste.

This Gantry robot can work as a standalone system, integrated with existing automatic lines or as a turn-key solution and will easily work with in-line rotary tables and conveyor-fed assembly lines.

Utilising Dispense-Motion Software with either an integrated CCD smart vision camera or simple pencil camera allows the system to achieve true 3D motion control and perfect formation of dots, lines, circles, arcs, compound arcs and dosing/filling areas.

The large 400 mm - 800 mm working envelope allows for dispensing onto large substrates whilst not compromising on quality control and repeat-ability.


  • Easy to setup and program using advanced vision-guided DispenseMotion software.
  • With CCD smart vision or simple pencil camera.
  • Perfect, 3D motion control.
  • Large working area up to 800 mm.
  • No limit to work-piece payload.
  • Fast, maximum speed up to 500 mm/sec.


  • Market leading accuracy for positioning and placement repeat-ability.
  • Unlimited payload allows integration with large range of dispensing systems.
  • Integrate into any manufacturing operation, ideal for conveyor fed automation.
  • Reduced production, material and ownership costs.
Gantry Robot applying grease to aircraft gears

Model G4V G8V
Part Number 100mm Post 7363644 7363647
Part Number 150mm Post 7363645 7363648
Part Number 250mm Post 7363646 N/A
Maximum Working Area (X/Y/Z) 400 / 400 / 100 mm 800 / 800 / 100 mm
Tool payload 3 Kg 8 Kg
Maximum speed (XY/Z) 500 / 320 mm/sec 800 / 320 mm/sec
Weight 63.5 kg 181.5 kg
Dimensions 833W x 382H x 730D mm 1489W x 534H x 1160D mm
Drive system 5-phase micro-stepping motor Servo Motor & 5-phase micro-stepping motor
Memory capacity PC Storage PC Storage
General purpose I/O 8 Inputs / 8 Outputs (16/16 Optional) 8 Inputs / 8 Outputs (16/16 Optional)
Repeat-ability** ±0.02 mm/axis ±0.01 mm/axis
Vision Pencil Camera CCD Smart Camera
Tip detection Optional Optional
DispenseMotion Software Included Included
Warranty 1 Year, Limited 1 Year, Limited
Approvals CE, RoHS, WEEE, China RoHS
Adhesive dispensing valves mounted on robot gantry.

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