Automated Fluid Metering & Dispensing Systems

3-Axis Gantry Robot placing exact amounts of fluid onto work piece.

We offer a wide range of Turn-Key Automated Fluid Dispensing Table Top Robots and Gantry Systems to pair with an even bigger range of fluid metering systems, from exact placements of dots and beads to high speed gasketing, potting and encapsulation robots. This includes both systems for metering one and two component adhesives, resins and sealants as well as syringe, barrel and valve systems for more precise materials such as frozen epoxy, solder paste, rtv silicone and grease or other lubricants.

Industrial metering and dispensing robots offer a more accurate high quality final product, greater consistency whilst remaining simple to run and program.

XYZ Table Top Robots & Cartesian Gantry Systems integrated in house with either Syringe and valve based precision dispensing systems or metering mixing and dispensing solutions. 3D and 4D applications include dispensing dots, lines, circles, potting, damming, filling, under-filling, encapsulation, sealing, coating and jetting.

Not quite what your looking for? Please contact us for more information on:-

  • 4-Axis Tabletop Dispensing Robots.
  • Inline Dispensing Robots (SCARA).
  • 6-Axis Robotic Dispensing Cells.
  • XL 3 Axis Dispensing Robots.

We can integrate any of the automation solutions you see with any of our metering and dispensing systems, as a turnkey solution.

Additional Options for Dispensing Robots
Precision dispensing valves attached to moving robots.

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