Mist-Less Technology - Air Assisted Airless Paint Spraying

Mist-Less Technology spray painting equipment combines the key benefits of airless spraying technology with those of air assisted paint sprayers for the sole purpose of improving spray performance and finish quality of the product to be coated. High pressure painting combined with air assistance ensures atomisation takes place correctly, by making the product pass through at no less than 60 BAR.

The pneumatic pumps are fitted with the latest generation manual or automatic spray guns, operating with either Mist-Less or Self cleaning Mist-Less spray nozzles.The Mist-Less spray gun has both fluid inlet and air inlet fittings and comes with a revolving fitting for ease of use.

A complete range of professional accessories and spares ensure maximum paint spraying performance and easier usability. For this reason the pumps can be supplied with a choice of compact light weight trolley, wall bracket or with feed tank incorporated.

Mist-Less Paint Spraying Technology

  • Transfer efficiency.
  • Even Coverage.
  • High quality finish.
  • Less over-spray with uniform jet spraying.
  • Better atomisation quality.
  • Nozzle adjustment from jet to fine.
  • Fast application.
  • Self-cleaning Mist-Clean nozzles with 180 degree rotation.
  • Efficiency, More accurate than low pressure spraying.

Air Assisted Airless Spraying Applications

  • Water & Solvent based paint.
  • Natural, wood and ultraviolet paints.
  • Epoxy, Silicate, PU and phenolic paints.
  • Undercoat, fixatives and clear coats.
  • Water repellents.
  • Degreasing detergents.
  • Isocyanates.
  • Latexes and Lacquers.
  • Enamels, Colourings, emulsions and Acrylics.
Ghibli mist-less paint spraying unit, complete with re-circulation hose, spray gun and hose.
Airless Paint sprayer, painting a shipping container blue.

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