Mist-less Paint Spraying Technology

Image of vega and ghibli Mistless sprayers, with ATEX certified badge.

 Atex Certified Ex II2 G c IIB T6

Mist-less painting combines the key benefits of airless spraying technology with those of low pressure for the sole purpose of improving spray performance and the product to be coated.

High pressure painting combined with air resistance ensures atomisation takes place correctly, by making the product pass through at no less than 60 BAR.

The pumps are fitted with the latest generation spray guns, operating with either standard or self-cleaning spray nozzles, utilising revolving fittings for ease of use.


  • Transfer efficiency.
  • Even Coverage.
  • High quality finish.
  • Less over-spray with uniform jet spraying.
  • Better atomisation quality.
  • Nozzle adjustment from jet to fine.
  • Fast application.
  • Self-cleaning Mist-Clean nozzles with 180 degree rotation.
  • Efficiency, More accurate than low pressure spraying.

Areas of application

  • Water & Solvent based paint.
  • Natural, wood and ultraviolet paints.
  • Epoxy, Silicate, PU and phenolic paints.
  • Undercoat, fixatives and clear coats.
  • Water repellents.
  • Degreasing detergents.
  • Isocyanates.
  • Latexes and Lacquers.
  • Enamels, Colourings, emulsions and Acrylics.
Vega Mist-less set up to go with hose's and gun.

Vega Mist-less 15:1 or 23:1

Air Pressure Supply: Max. 8 BAR.

Flow Rate: 15:1 - 3.5 L/min or 23:1 - 2 L/min.

Max. Product Pressure: 15:1 - 120 BAR or 23:1 - 185 BAR.

C.C Cycle: 15:1 - 57 or 23:1 - 28

Ghibli Mist-less set up to go with hose's and gun.

Ghibli Mist-less 30:1

Air Pressure Supply: Max. 8 BAR.

Flow Rate: 4 L/min.

Max. Product Pressure: 240 BAR.

C.C Cycle: 60

Image of accessories for the mistless range.


L 400 Mist-less Spray Gun

Max pressure produced - 180 BAR

Max air pressure - 7 BAR

L200 Automatic Mist-less Gun

As above

Airless Fast Clean Nozzle

Sizes from 11-20 to 51-80

Top Spraying Clean Nozzle

Sizes from 7-20 to 31-40

Thermostatic Drum heater

Up to 45 degrees celsius, 110 or 240V

Product heater

Atex Certified II 3 G nC IIB T3 Gc

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