Liquid Electrostatic Spraying Equipment

Liquid electrostatic spraying equipment.

Liquid Electrostatic Spraying Equipment – Save on Paint & Time

Includes probe to test the resistance level of the paint, and a gun with an extremely easy to handle ergonomic reduced weight grip. Our customers have reported up to a 40% increase in speed of application and up to a 30% reduction in paint loss/over-spray.

Suitable with water or solvent based paints, the gaskets in our electrostatic sprayers are chemically inert to solvents, oils and varnishes for a long life and use cycle.

An extremely important aspect of the spray gun construction is the complete separation between the passage parts, the product atomisation and the pneumatic motor that controls the opening and closing through an exclusive lever system. This makes the motor lock free eliminating risk of infiltration, enhancing the life of the system dramatically.

The touch screen interface in the electronic box works effortlessly with the adjustable display in the gun, meaning you can record three different spraying conditions with the same paint.

Easy to maintain and its IP 56 protection graded gun and high performing nozzles and air caps, no insulating boxes are needed.


  • Up to 30%-paint savings thanks to the uniform paint depositing from the first pass.
  • Up to 40%-time savings thanks to the precise pull of electrostatics.
  • Less overspray, meaning a healthier working environment.
  • High quality finish.
  • No running, “orange peel” effects.
  • Easy adjustments in air spray, spray pattern, air and product flow.

Areas of Application

  • Water & solvent based paints.
  • Epoxy and polyurethane based paints.
  • Textured paints.
  • Protective coatings and surface paints.
  • Undercoats.
  • Enamels, lacquers, acrylics and fixatives.
  • Paints with high solids.
Liquid electrostatic sprayer with a Larius 2 pump.

Larius 2 1:1 Compact 3001 Series

Air Pressure Supply: Max. 7 BAR.

Flow rate: 21 Litres per minute.

Maximum Product Pressure: 7 BAR

C.C Cycle: N/A

Liquid electrostatic sprayer with a Vega pump.

Vega 23:1 Compact 3001 Series

Air Pressure Supply: Max. 8 BAR.

Flow rate: 2 Litres per minute.

Maximum Product Pressure: 185 BAR

C.C Cycle: 28

Image showing various gun types and control units.

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