CH200 Profesional Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment

CH200 Electrostatic Powder Coating Systems.

CH200 Electrostatic Powder Coating - The best dry finish!

The complete CH200 powder coating series is the equipment to choose for a superior finish to your products system is composed of: -

  • Electro-pneumatic rack generator, which houses the electronic and pneumatic power control systems.
  • Powder container or shaking table.
  • Venturi pump for the suction and deliver of the powder to the spray-gun.
  • The CH200 Spray gun, consists of a block vacuum epoxy resin casting that guarantees the maximum levels of electronic isolation and mechanical resistance.
  • Portable trolley for moving the entire system.

The spray gun and generator are connected by a low voltage cable that ensures the users safety. Voltage transformation occurs via the multiplier built into the gun, and aimed at guaranteeing a voltage of up to 100 KV to the electrodes.

The work-piece can be coated needs to be electronically grounded and clean, the powder is charged by the electrodes placed at the spray guns outlet and is attracted to the work-piece, resulting in a surface that is completely covered in a uniform spray and with a good thickness obtained.

The CH200 Spray gun can be substituted with the CH200 TRIBO Spray gun, which gives a electric spray powered by a mixture of powder and air via the powder passage and compressed air hoses. The powder is charged inside the spray gun by friction and the intensity that the additional air and this allows for regulation of the “triboelectric” effect. The electro-pneumatic generator is used for verification of the intensity of the electrostatic charge.

image of the CH200 Guns in use and next to full system.

Technical Features

Supply Voltage: 110-220 V a.c.
CH200 Accessories: 7 BAR
Installed Power: 60 W
Frequency: 50 Hz
Powder Flow: 3-20 Kg per hour
Polarity: Negative

CH200 Accessories

CH200 Spray Gun: Manual or Automatic
Tribo Spray Gun: Manual or Automatic

Nozzles: high penetration Conical Jet, Conical Jet, Fan Jet, multi-adjustable and multi-diffusion/adjustable.

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