Airless Spraying Equipment for Anti-Corrosive & Industrial Coatings.

Airless Protective coating sprayer and Zinc Sprayer with Atex certification badge.

Atex Certified Ex III 2 G c IIB T6 & Ex II 2 G Ex h IIB T6 Gb

With this range of equipment, you optimise your product finish whilst not compromising on application speed. In the system airless painting atomisation takes place, by making the material pass through at a higher pressure, greater than 120 BAR, using a nozzle that is selected to be specifically calibrated for using with your chosen product(s).

Coatings reach such a speed and force that the impact with air causes it to divide into tiny particles, resulting in a superior finish. The pressure exerted by the system is in proportion to the flow required and the physical characteristic of your chosen product.

The shape of the jet is determined by the shape of the chosen nozzle, to alter the flow rate and jet size simply change the size of the nozzle, which are designed to be change easily and come with a fast cleaning tip.


  • Better paint transfer onto the work piece.
  • No overspray.
  • Better atomisation quality.
  • Uniform jet spraying.
  • Quick application.
  • Anti-frost air motor Nova-Omega Series.
  • High flow capacity.
  • Robust easy to handle and compact.

Areas of Application

The vast range of equipment in this range satisfies every need, producing a maximum pressure of 480 BAR this range has years of success spraying the following materials and applications: -

  • Water, Solvent, epoxy and silicate based paints.
  • Polyurethane, textured paints.
  • Tannery products for leather and hide works.
  • Protective paints.
  • Flame retardants.
  • Zinc.
  • Fillers and bitumen.
  • Detergents and degreasers.
  • Undercoats fixatives and primers.
  • Enamels, Lacquers, Emulsions and acrylics.
Table showing product range and performance.
Picture showing available accessories.


Airless Gun AT 250

Max pressure 250 BAR

Airless Gun L91X

Max pressure 500 BAR

Gun extensions

30 cm - 40 cm - 60 cm - 80 cm - 100 cm

PLA Airless spray gun

250-450 BAR

Fast Clean Airless Nozzles

Sizes from 11-20 to 51-80

Thermostatic drum heater

Up to 45 dergrees Celsius, 110 or 240V

Product heater

Atex Cerified II 3 G nC IIB T3 Gc

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