Multi Component Electronic Metering, Mixing & Dosing Systems for Industrial Coatings

Three different types of mixing metering and dosing systems.

The Electronic Dosing Series, Error Free, a Solution for Every Application

All the 2-part mixing range has been conceived specifically to correctly mix resins, paints and liquids with two or more components.

They work in any working conditions from the most critical with abrasive products, reactive paints and high viscosity products. The systems are developed to optimise colour changing and washing operations in order to reduce waste or increase productivity.

The mechanical output and distribution of the product is constant and has maximum ratio control.

The mixture of the completed spray recipe reaches the spray gun immediately for even surface application Even with the spray gun either open or closed, the flow capacity remains constant.


  • Configurations are adjustable to suit your production needs.
  • Expandable memory, even after installation.
  • No mixing errors.
  • Quality finishing.
  • Simplifies production and increases cycles.
  • Reduction in waste both in cleaning and dosing.
  • Intuitive touch screen operator panel 4” or 7”.
  • Optimise colour change times and shorten drying times.
  • Automated washing and reduced maintenance.
  • USB data collection and Ethernet connection to integrate other machines.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Solutions.
  • When necessary Atex Certified pumps will be specified.

Areas of Application

  • Paint, colouring and high solid hues.
  • Polyesters.
  • Two-component resins.
  • Solvent based paints.
  • Isocyanates.
  • Polyurethanes.
  • Sealants and Silicone.
  • Polyurea.
  • Chemicals.
  • Oils and Grease.
  • Liquids and fluids.
Table showing the 2K Paint spraying range, comprised of both indoor and outdoor systems.
Drawing of multi component layouts.

Coatings Industries Served

  • Wood and furniture.
  • Marble and stone sectors.
  • Farming and earth-works plant.
  • Industrial and transportation vehicles.
  • Metal and structural steel.
  • Electronics and electrical appliances.
  • Railways.
  • Plastics.
  • Aerospace.
  • Yatch and shipbuilding.
  • Automotive.
  • Roof Coatings.
  • Tanneries.
  • Windmills
Mixing, Metering, Dosing & Spraying (1.25 MB)

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