Heavy duty spraying equipment for Plaster, Render, fillers, cement, Stucco & More.

Pegaso Texture Sprayer.

Robust, Long-lasting sprayers for dense and aggregate products using either diaphragm or peristaltic pumps, powered pneumatically or by either 110V (115V) or 240V (220V) supply.

Pegaso - Pegaso Light - Mini Pegaso

For water based products, designed to spray structural and thick materials with solid content up to 3 mm.

The Pegaso model is an electric powered system operated by a peristaltic pump, without non-return valve, the pump sucks and delivers the fluid thanks to the compression of the pumps rotaiting rollers on the elastomeric hose. They are supplied complete with an air compressor to provide fluid atomisation.

The Mini Pegaso model is a pneumatic double diaphragm pump, two chambers alternate sucking and pushing the fluid due to the action of two Teflon diaphragms. The alternate movement is operated by the pneumatic inversion system.

Pegaso and Mini Pegaso are suitable for application requiring a high productivity rate, where thick materials and aggregates are involved because the pumps mechanical parts do not come into contact with the material to be sprayed.


  • Higher productivity and larger capacity of fluid delivery in long pipe lengths (up to 30 Metres).
  • Powerful and noiseless compressor.
  • Control board with switch that allows material reversibility in case of sticking.
  • The pumping hose has quick connectors for tool-less changeover.
  • 50 Litre material drum, with a funnel shape to channel material to the pump, made from anti-stick material.
  • instant smooth material flow when activating trigger.
  • The air atomisation is controlled on/off by the trigger.
  • No product contamination from mechanical pump parts.
  • Even application finishing without spills or defects.

Ghibli 10:1 Texture

For water based products without solid contents, deesigned for a wide range of materials of different viscosity and density.

The Ghibli 10:1 Texture is a pneumatic piston pump, the main components are the air motor and the fluid pump section which includes a suction valve, piston and material packing kit (seals). Suitable for spraying high volumes of materials on to buildings.


  • High volume of material flow without spotting or over spray.
  • The material outlet pressure is the result of air feeding pressure being multiplied by the ratio i.e. 3 Bar supply = 30 Bar outlet.
  • 30 Litre capacity drum for longer operation and reduced downtime.
  • Actively protects product from contamination.
  • Produces and even spray.
  • Easy operation, cleaning and maintenance.
Complete Tex range with specifications.
Image of texture gun spraying render

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