Electronic 2 Component Mixing Dosing & Spraying Equipment

Ghibli Mix 2K on wheels with feed drums.

Easy Production Cycles & Full Mixing Accuracy

The Electronic 2K Dosing Range of pumping, mixing and spraying equipment allow for painting with reliability and full mixing accuracy with 2 Component water based and solvent based paints.

The A and B components and the flushing solvent flow into the system through the remote feeding pumps and the equipment can work at low, medium or high pressure with no modifications required. Two flow metering devices detect the volume of A and B products supplied by the pumps and send a signal to the PLC. Components are metered according to a set mixing ratio by the metering valves.

Having been correctly metered the components flow separately into the mixing head that mixes the two together into a constant fully mixed fluid carried at the required pressure to activate the spray gun. According to the products pot life, a timer can be set in order to activate an alarm thus preventing the mixed solution curing inside the system. Correct and full mixing is achieved even when spraying operations require frequent gun triggering.


  • High quality finishing.
  • Easier production/application cycles.
  • Avoids manual mixing of two component products which takes time and can go wrong wasting product.
  • Automatic control of the mixing ratio within the set parameters.
  • Versatile working with ability to configure with low-high pressure using manual, automatic or electrostatic spray guns.
  • Constant Flow rate, better adhesion and colour resistance.
  • Faster drying times due to accurate mix and even spray.
  • User friendly operation and settings.
  • Electronic metering control with failure alarms.
  • Complete control of automatic flushing cycles and cleaning times.
  • Paint temperature control through thermostatic component heaters.
The outdoor 2K range with specifications
remote mixing system next to 2k system fitted with component heaters.

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