Industrial Hydro Clean Jet Wash Units

Industrial Jet wash range on trolleys with lance and visor

Industrial  Jet Wash Equipment is Atex Certified Ex III 2 G c IIB T6

Professional Industrial pneumatic high pressure washers are designed for any type of washing, degreasing, disinfection and descaling.

Degrease and remove any dirty surface. Heavy duty use with cold or hot water, to remove stubborn dirt and grime such as oil, grease and heat resistant substances.


  • Meets most requirements for flow and material pressure.
  • For use with standard open drums.
  • Designed for use with cold or hot water up to 93 degees celsius (200 Fahrenheit).
  • Sprayer mobility, with Stainless Steel trolley.
  • Can be used with two guns.
  • Accurate cleaning with water, detergents or chemical cleaning solutions.
  • Made with Atex certified pumps, manufactured with Stainless Steel for wetted parts.


Hydro Clean Sirio 32:1 - Pneumatic SST - 8.2 L/min.

Hydro Clean Ghibli 10:1 - Pneumatic SST - 12 L/min.

Hydro Clean Omega 15:1 - Pneumatic SST - 23 L/min.

Hydro Clean Nova 20:1 - Pneumatic SST - 32 L/min

Both systems come complete with:-

  • Hydro Gun, with heat protection.
  • 170 cm Lance with heat protected handle.
  • Three Stainless Steel Nozzles, D.35, D.40 and D.45.
  • Anti-pulsation / anti-static hose.
  • Polycarbonate protective visor.
  • Stainless Steel Trolley.
Jet wash in use cleaning a truck trailer.

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