Sand Blasting - Abrasive Cleaning, Stripping & Paint Preparation 

Sand blaster

Our sand blasting equipment is heavy duty and long lasting yet easy to move around and load/unload, offering excellent performance that literally out-strips the competition. Its main uses of application are industrial, marine, automotive, transport, stone cleaning, general engineering and re-finishing.

A high pressure design and heavy duty steel construction our sand blasting machines will quickly remove surface rust, old paint, dirt, oils and grease allowing for the perfect surface preparation. Equipment is compatible with most abrasives used in sand blasting such as, sand, siliceous sand (quartz), metallic grit, Corundum and more.

Each of our sandblasting machines are supplied with:-

  • Sand box.
  • Anti-abrasive hose.
  • Lance with nozzle fixing ring nut and fittings.
  • Tungsten carbide nozzle
  • Hardened wheels making it truly portable.

configurations depending on equipment choice include:-

  • Air mask M02 or M04
  • Mask air hose, 10 or 20 metres with fittings.
  • 10 or 20 metre hose.
  • Remote control, works up to 10 or 20 metres.
  • Wide range of nozzle sizes.

Important: when choosing a compressor consider approximately 125 litres/min at 6 bar for every Kw of power.

Sandblaster LT. 24

Sand Blaster Technical Features

Max working pressure: 7 bar

Abrasive Capacity: 24 Litres

Height: 80 cm

Diameter: 50 cm

Weight (empty): 32 kg

Sandblaster LT. 115

Sand Blaster Technical Features

Max working pressure: 12 bar

Abrasive Capacity: 115 Litres

Height: 130 cm

Diameter: 90 cm

Weight (empty): 90 kg

Sandblaster LT. 215

Sand Blaster Technical Features

Max working pressure: 12 bar

Abrasive Capacity: 215 Litres

Height: 140 cm

Diameter: 105 cm

Weight (empty): 120 kg

Table of sandblasting available nozzles.

Take advantage of our industry expertise and contact us with details of your application.