Automatic Application System for 2K or 3K Polyurethane Adhesive, for Bonding Large Sandwich Panels.

System 3600 is designed for automatic spreading of two or three component Polyurethane adhesives made for industrial production of large sandwich panels such as refrigerated truck trailer panels delivery van panels and wall panels for modular homes.

The machine works automatically on wheel tracks that can be up to 100 Metres long located in between multiple vacuum tables on either side of the machine, the arm rotates 80 degrees to apply adhesive to both rows of Press Tables.

As well as being able to travel up to 100 M between rows of press / lay-up tables, the arm on System 3600 has an extreme reach allowing the bonding of sandwich panels up to 6 Metres wide. This means System 3600 has a huge maximum panel size of 6M x 100M

The process is easy to control with the operator HMI Panel either located at the end of the arm or on the machine chassis, simply select the panel size on the HMI, locate the laser pointer to the corner of the laminated panel, set the direction of application and push the start button and the machine will do the rest.

System 3600 will spread a preset measured coat weight of adhesive on to your sandwich panels, it does this in a diamond bead pattern meaning the machine is moving in the X and Y direction simultaneously, applying adhesive at a faster rate.

The system can be specified with either a single speed 2 part adhesive with one metering cabinet, with two metering cabinets for use of a fast 2 part adhesive and slow 2 part adhesive (summer/winter) or as a 3K Adhesive System which can mix a combination of fast and slow adhesive to achieve a continuously variable speed of cure.

Using a 3K or 3 Part Adhesive System further shorten production cycles by up to 25%, this is done by tailoring the cure speed for each layer of the panel, so that they all cure at the same time, instead of waiting for the last layer to cure.

Adhesive Machine with No Cleaning or Solvent Flushing

System 3600 is easy to use and run, using our easy to change Plastic Disposable Mixers and 500 mm Plastic Disposable Spreaders, there is no need for solvent flushing. When running this adhesive machine only general house keeping and simple maintenance is required.

Automatic Adhesive System for Making

  • Large composite / sandwich panels.
  • Refrigerated Truck Trailer Panels
  • Home Delivery Van Panels.
  • Caravans and RV Panels.
  • Modular Home and SIP Panels.
  • Insulated Smart Roof Panels.
  • Cold Stores / Clean Room Panels.

3K Polyurethane Adhesive Application System

  • Adjustable open times to suit panel that enhances production speed.
  • Reads temperature in real time and adjusts ratio to suit.
  • Flow controls that are not in contact with adhesive, therefore preserving instrumentation.
  • Programmable recipes for repeat production.
Automatic 2 & 3 Part Adhesive Application Machine - System 3600
Adhesive Spreading Capacity 20L per minute
Adhesive Application Speed 10 sqm/minute
Ratio Metering Accuracy ±2%
Adhesive Spreader Width 500 mm
Viscosity 1-70,000 mPas (Flowable)
Electrical power 415 V, three Phase, 50 Hz
Maximum Track Length100 Metres
Maximum Panel Width6 Metres
System 3600, manufacturing large sandwich panels.
Automatic Application of adhesive, spread onto sandwich panels.

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