System 3600 - Automatic Application of 2 & 3 Component Adhesives & Resins for Large Sandwich Panels

System 3600 is designed for automatic dispensing of two or three component medium-high viscosity adhesives and resins made for industrial production of large sandwich panels.

Where an even and accurate adhesive spreading is required, System 3600 improves the quality of the final product, enhances production, simplifies material handling and improves the working environment.

The machine works automatically on wheel tracks located in between multiple vacuum tables, the arm rotates 180 degrees to service tables on both sides. The process is easy to control with the operator panel either located at the end of the arm or on the machine chassis, simply set the panel size from the pre-programable “recipes”, locate the laser pointer to the panel corner, set the direction of application and push start the button.

System 3600 is suitable for industrial production of sandwich panels with skin material of steel, wood or plastic etc. and core materials such as of Polystyrene and other rigid foam insulation, rock-wool, EPS, PEX, PIR, Plywood etc.

Moving Chassis

The complete system comes set for one or two speeds of adhesive, and includes either one or two metering cabinets from system 3200, a meter mix valve that moves in X,Y and Z directions to apply adhesive using static disposable mixing tubes and Disposable Spreader Bar.

Pumping Station

The pumping station can be located a long distance from the machine, this simplifies material handling and keeps the production area free from obstacles. A one speed system includes 1 of each Base and hardener pumps and the two speed system has two base pumps and one hardener and then add another hardener pump for 3 component.

Additional Control

The metering cabinet contains two displacement pistons, which are mechanically linked together and the mixing ratio is fixed between base and hardener. Mass-flow meter units or pulse counters can be used control mixing ratio and coat weight, as well as additional data-logging capabilities. Also available, metering with gear pumps.

System 3600 3K - Three Component Multi System

System 3600_3K meters and mixes two speeds of base adhesive at varying ratios throughout production to give variable open times for panels, main benefits include:-

  • Adjustable open times to suit panel that enhances production speed.
  • Reads temperature in real time and adjusts ratio to suit.
  • Disposable mixers and spreaders eliminate the costly solvent flushing process.
  • Linear volumetric cylinders guarantee correct ratio.
  • Faster application - choose between indexing or diamond bead.
  • Flow controls that are not in contact with adhesive, therefore preserving instrumentation.
  • Parts guarantee.
  • Remote modem support.
  • Programable recipes for repeat production.
  • Lifetime technical support.
Typical layout for system 3600

Typical Layout

System 3600 can service multiple press tables on either side of the machine track.

Maximum panel width is 6 Metres and the maximum track length is 100 Metres.

The pumping station is situated away from production for easy change over.

For smaller production area's the adhesive drums can be sat on the machine chassis.

System 3600 one speed version with disposable spreaders fitted.

Technical Data

Capacity: 20L per minute
Application Speed: 10 sqm/minute
Metering Accuracy: ±2%
Spreader Width: 500 mm
Viscosity: 1-70,000 mPas (Flowable)
Required Power: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase
Required Air Pressure: 5-7 bar

Adhesive Application Solutions

Large composite / sandwich panels.
Refrigerated truck trailers and delivery vans.
Caravans and RV’s.
Modular homes and whole wall SIPS.
Smart roof’s.
Cold stores / clean rooms.

Most Common 2 Part Adhesives

Polyurethane (PU)
Epoxy Resin

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System 3600

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