System 3550 - Automatic adhesive applicator for bonding small sandwich panels

This machine is suitable for bonding small sandwich panel. The adhesive applicator can appy adhesive in a diamond bead pattern where the disposable adhesive spreader moves in the X & Y direction at the same time or alternative the adhesive is applied in the Y-direction only and the machine indexes along the panel with adhesive valve switched off during movement in the X-direction.

The machine works automatically on tracks along a working (lay-up) table or stationed with conveyors acting as a movable working table under the dispensing area. The machine is easy to control with the operator panel or a remotely connected PC. To run simply, set the pre-programmable panel size, locate the laser pointer to the panel corner, push the start button and the machine will perform the desired spreading pattern. When not in use the PLC instructs the spreader to park, the spreader then moves to the tray containing protective oil that stops the adhesive from curing inside the spreader (pictured below).

System 3550
Capacity 50-500 grams per square metre
Spreader width 500 mm (150 mm on request)
Spreader speed Up to 80 m/min
Req. air pressure 5-7 bar
Req. air volume 500-1000 l/min
Electrical power 415 V, three Phase, 50 Hz
Viscosity Up to 50,000 mPas (cp)
System 3550 - showing bed, spreader unit and PLC control box.
Manual and automatic adhesive applications

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The spreader parked in protective oil for 1 component.

Technical Data

Capacity: 50-1000 Grams per square metre.

Spreader Speed: Up to 80 Metre per minute.

Spreader Width: 150-500 mm

Viscosity Range: Up to 50,000 mPas(cps)

Required Power: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase.

Required Air Pressure: 5-7 BAR

Additoinal specifications: As per customer requirements.

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