System 3500 - Automatic application System for Spreading One & Two Component Adhesives & Resins.

The system is suitable for bonding small to medium sized sandwich panels such as doors or SIP panels, using one or two part adhesives and resins, providing and even and accurate adhesive spread that will actively improve the quality of the final product, simplify production and improve the working environment.

The machine works automatically on tracks along a working (lay-up) table or stationed with conveyors acting as a movable working table under the dispensing area. The machine is easy to control with the operator panel or a remotely connected PC. To run simply, set the pre-programmable panel size, locate the laser pointer to the panel corner, push the start button and the machine will perform the desired spreading pattern.

2 Part Adhesive Application

The 2 Part meter unit in System 3500 contains two displacement pistons, which are mechanically linked together. The mixing ratio is fixed between base and hardener. Mass-flow meter units or pulse counters can be fitted to the metering unit, which will further control mixing ratio and coat weight and features data-logging abilities.

1 Part Adhesive Application

For Spreading Single part adhesives with System 3500, we use a PLC controlled pneumatic glue pump, specifically designed for pumping adhesives, fitted with pulse counters and with the option of viscosity compensation, which will adjust adhesive flow based on changes in thickness due to changes in temperature.

No Cleaning or Flushing

Only general housekeeping and simple maintenance is required:-

  • For one part adhesives such as moisture cure Polyurethane, System 3500 has a timer activated nozzle box for the adhesive spreader, which when filled with oil, prevents the adhesive from curing inside.
  • For 2 part adhesives, System 3500 is fitted with a disposable static mixer nozzle and our disposable plastic spreader. Both are easy to change and a cost effective alternative to solvent flushing.

Adhesive Application System for Bonding

  • SIP Panels
  • PVC Panels
  • Small - medium Sandwich / Composite panels.
  • Insulated or Acoustic panels.
  • Doors.
  • Facades and cladding.

Application of One & Two Part Adhesives

  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • Epoxy Resin
  • MS-Polymer
  • PVC
  • PVA
  • Silicates
System 3500
Adhesive Spreading Capacity 20 Metre square, spread in approx 2 minutes.
Adhesive Spreader width 500 mm (150 mm on request)
Adhesive Spreader speed Up to 80 m/min
Air supply pressure 5-7 bar
Air supply volume 500-1500 l/min
Electrical power 415 V, three Phase, 50 Hz
Max. Viscosity Up to 50,000 mPas (cp)
System 3500 with adhesive spread on to panel
Adhesive application systems applying single and multi beads of resin.

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