System 3400 - High Speed Continuous Application Line For 1 & 2 Component Adhesives & Resins 

System 3400 showing machine servo over roller conveyors

System 3400 is designed for continuous automatic dispensing of one or two part medium viscosity adhesives and resins such as Polyurethanes, Epoxies and MS-Polymers used for manufacturing sandwich panels.

The system pumps and spreads the adhesive evenly in a diamond pattern over the substrate surface improving the quality of the final product, simplifying production and improving the working environment.

System 3400 is made in a fixed configuration, the material is moved on a conveyor underneath the adhesive spreader. The system can be used for both for standalone panel manufacturing or in continuous panel bonding production lines integrated as part of a total process. Our tailored specification depends on product, manufacturing process, speed required, adhesive and press time.

The machine is automatic meaning it will start and stop at the panel edges, the dispensing speed is automatically adjusted to panel width, adhesive flow and coat weight. The machine is easily controlled at the operator panel with data logging and programable recipe’s which handle the process parameters and panel dimensions and can be equipped with Massflow metering system or viscosity compensator system for enhanced adhesive quality control. The system performs the spreading sequence by either pressing the start button or with integrated in-line sensors and can also be integrated into a present process line or superior control system.

System 3400 is suitable for industrial production of sandwich panels with skin material of steel, wood or plastic etc., and core material of plaster, rockwool, EPS, PEX, PIR etc. Suitable for Manufacturing products such:-

  • PIR Panels.
  • Facades and cladding.
  • Insulated or Acoustic panels.
  • Small to medium Sandwich / Composite panels.
  • Doors.
System 3400 without conveyors

Technical Data

Capacity: 50-500 grams per square metre.

Spreader Speed: Up to 80 Metre per minute.

Required Air Pressure: 5-7 BAR.

Electrical Power: 415 V, 3 phase

Viscosity: Up to 50,000 mPas (cp).

Additional specifications: As per customer requirement.

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