System 3200 - High capacity metering and application system for 2 component adhesives.

System 3200 high capacity 2K dispensing equipment for metering, mixing and dispensing adhesives, the system can continuously dispense as it has double acting cyclinders and 4-way valves.

This robust equipment is very popular for making large sandwich panels such as refrigerated truck trailers as it is reliable to maintain, provides complete ratio accuracy and can spread large amounts of adhesive through its 500 mm spreader. The system is also available as a high viscosity version for 2 part assembly adhesives and sealants, utilising a pressure primer or as a completely stainless steel system.

The metering unit in System 3200 automatically measures the resin components to the specified ratio and ensures an accurate and homogeneous mixture. Both Components are dosed under pressure to eliminate air entrapment, to provide perfect mixing ratios.

Manufacturing Solutions For

  • Sandwich / composite panels (PIR).
  • SIPS & Modular homes.
  • Refrigerated truck trailers & vans
  • Cold Rooms & Stores.
  • High viscosity assembly adhesives (Casco).
  • Bonding & Sealing applications.

Metering System for 2 Part Adhesives

  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Silicone
  • Polysulphide
  • Carbamide, Resorcinol & melamine
  • Urea-Formaldehyde & EPI Adhesives
System 3200
Capacity 2-20 Litres/minute
Viscosity Range Low, medium & high viscosity
Mixing Ratio Accuracy +/-2%
Air Supply Pressure 7 BAR.
Air Supply Volume Up to 1500 Litres/min
Hose Length Up to 10 Metres
Gun Outlet 500 mm Spreader or Static Mixer
System 3200 Cabinet and pumps, use for two component products.
Automatic and manual types of bead application, both single and multi-bead.

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