System 3200 - Metering, Mixing & Applying Low, Medium & High Viscosity 2 Component Adhesives, Resins & Silicones

System 3200 is designed for metering, mixing and dispensing of low, medium and high viscosity two part adhesives such as Polyurethane, Epoxy Resins and Silicone for use in industrial applications.

This equipment improves the quality of the final product, enhances production, and simplifies the handling of adhesives and catalysts during the manufacturing process which will also improve the working environment.

The metering unit automatically measures the adhesive components and ensures an accurate and homogeneous mixture. Both Components are dosed under pressure to eliminate air entrapment and provide perfect mixing ratios.

The machine can be assembled with an automatic electronic shot system with a precision handling program if desired. System 3200 is ideal for precision adhesive dispensing in production of electronic equipment, wide string spreading onto sandwich panel elements and for general bonding and sealing applications.

The complete System 3200 includes hoses, pumps, meter mix gun and metering cabinet and comes with a choice of steel mixer and spreader (with a solvent flush unit) or disposable mixers and spreaders for no solvent flushing.

The metering unit in is comprised of two linked cylinders that ensure absolute ratio control. The mixing ratio between base and hardener is fixed but can be customized with different piston sizes. The system is double acting and gives an even and continuous material flow.

To maximise the potential of this excellent system the following options can be utilized: -

  • Mass flow or pulse counter, for additional accuracy and data logging.
  • Trolley: adhesive drums are also housed on the trolley making this equipment truly portable.
  • Side dispenser, for filling buckets, containers or rollers.
  • Foot activated or Photo sensitive triggers.
  • Electronic Shot system with precision handling program.
  • Purge timer.
  • Drum low level sensors.
  • Swing arm for extra reach and accuracy of application.
  • Conveyors or rollers for transporting the work piece to the application area.
System 3200HV on trolley with swinging support arm.

System 3200 HV

For use with highly viscous (Thick / paste) products, we are yet to be challenged with a thixotropic product it can't handle!

System 3200SS, showing metering cabinet gun and pumps.

System 3200 SS

Stainless Steel system for use with: Carbamide, Resorcinol, melamine, Urea-Formaldehyde & EPI adhesives.

System 3200, high capacity moulding machine.

Endless Possibility

Robust System 3200 is easily the most versatile, high capacity 2-part metering system on the market.

System 3200 Cabinet and pumps, use for two component products.

Technical Data

Capacity: Single Drop up to 20 Litre per minute
(dependant on viscosity and mixing ratio).
Viscosity range: 1 - 2*106 mPas
HV version viscosity range: >1,000 000 mPas
Required air pressure: 5 BAR, 500-1500 L/min.
Mixing ratio accuracy: ±2%
Electronic dosing: from 1 gram and up.
Additoinal specifications: As per customer requirements.

Adhesive Application Solutions

Sandwich / composite panels (PIR).
SIPS & Modular homes.
Refrigerated Vans & Lorry Trailers.
Cold Rooms & Stores.
High viscosity assembly adhesives (Casco).
Encapsulation, potting, moulding & Casting.
Bonding & Sealing applications.

Most Common 2 Part Adhesives

Polyurethane (PU)
Epoxy Resin

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System 3200

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