Automatic Adhesive Application System For Spreading Moisture Cure Polyurethane

System 1900 - Automatic application system used for string bead spreading moisture cure Polyurethane (PU) on to sandwich panels, for bonding door cores to skins, manufacturing SIP Panels, caravan panels and other small to medium sized sandwich panels.

This automatic glue machine is very versatile and can be configured either with a lay-up table where the operator places a panel skin and the machine automatically moves the adhesive spreader along the lay-up table to apply the glue. Or as an inline system fitted with conveyors that transport the panel under the adhesive spreader and out the other side.

With both options, once the adhesive has been applied the machine will also activate it by automatically spraying a fine mist of water, calibrated to spray the correct amount to activate your chosen adhesive.

Smart System 1900

  • Controlled Panel Production - Glue panels to your program, either feed panel designs by your computer design system or by using sensors that pick up the panel width, length and height.
  • Independent Spreader Control - The adhesive spreader can be split into sections and isolated during application, ensuring you don’t apply adhesive through cut outs in the panel.
  • Accurate Coat Weight - Pulse counters and measuring equipment can be fitted to the adhesive pump ensuring you get the correct glue coat weight for your panels, and then store the data for safe keeping.
  • Viscosity Compensation – As the temperature changes the thickness of Polyurethane Adhesive does too, our pumping system can compensate for this in real time ensuring the correct adhesive coat weight for your sandwich panel.

No Cleaning or Flushing

Only general housekeeping and simple maintenance is required, System 1900 has a timer activated nozzle box for the adhesive spreader, which when filled with oil, prevents the adhesive from curing inside.

Automatic Polyurethane Adhesive Application System for Bonding

  • SIP Panels.
  • Steel, composite and plastic doors.
  • Facades and cladding.
  • RV, trailer & Caravan panels.
  • Wood, composite & other laminated panels.
  • PVC Panels.
System 1900 - Automatic Gluing System for Moisture Cure PU
Applied Adhesive Coat-Weight 50-500 grams per square metre
Adhesive Application Line Speeds 1-20 Metre per minute
Adhesive Application Width 50-3000 mm
Water Spray for Moisture Cure PU 1-20%
Air Supply Pressure 7 BAR.
Air Supply Volume 1500 Litres/min
Max. Viscosity 50,000 mPas
System 1900 pictured from top, showing shut adhesive being applied to panels over a moving conveyor.
Showing spreading, and beading of adhesives in industrial applications.

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