1K - Bulk Dispensing Systems for 1 Component Adhesives, Resins & Sealants

We offer a three main solutions for pumping and dispensing single part Adhesives, Resins and Sealants with a choice between various flow rates and viscosity (thickness of adhesive), we have the 1KM for bulk spreading or dispensing single beads of adhesive, the Higher Capacity of up 1KM-HC for bulk pumping and spreading or flooding of 1 part resins and 1KM-HV for bead dispensing high viscosity Sealants.

Use our 500 mm wide adhesive spreader for large surface areas or choose from our wide range of manual valves for bead dispensing or our Valve and Valve Controllers for dispensing shots of resin.

Single Component Adhesive Pumps made for use with 20 L - 35 L Pails, 200L Drums and 1000 L IBC's of adhesive with options for accumulator tanks to prevent stoppage in production, low level sensors and more.

Variation for Your Application

  • Pumps for low-high viscosity one part adhesives.
  • Various Flow Rates.
  • 500 mm Adhesive Spreader or custom size.
  • Option for Shot Dispensing / Dosing.
  • Custom Hose Lengths.
  • Choice of valves for different applications.

Systems for Pumping, Dispensing & Spreading

  • Moisture Cure Polyurethane (PU)
  • PVA and Water Based Adhesives.
  • Epoxy Resin.
  • Spray Adhesives.
  • Cyanoacrylates.
  • Sealants & Silicones.
  • MS-Polymers.
1 Part Adhesive Application System for spreding PU next to a high viscosity pump for sealants.
Adhesive Dispenser, automatic machine and adhesive spreader side by side.

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