1K_M - Manual Pump & Spreader for One Component Adhesives

1K_M on trolley, set up ready with adhesive valve, pipe and spreader.

System 1K_M is designed for string spreading of low to medium viscosity of one-component adhesives, such as moisture cured Polyurethane’s, PVC and PVA.

This superior quality system is easy to operate. It generates a repeatable uniform product quality, simplifies product handling and contributes to an improved working environment. No preparation is required between applications, the spreader is left in a protective oil tray to prevent curing.

The system is suitable for manufacturing sandwich panels and is compatible with many surface materials, such as steel, aluminium, wood, GRP, gypsum etc., and core materials like wood, rock wool, polystyrene, PUR etc.

Typical bonding applications include:-

  • Sandwich / Composite Panels.
  • RV and Trailer Panels.
  • Steel or Plastic doors.
  • SIPS.
  • Laminate & Wood Veneer.
  • Insulated Panels.
  • Façades and Cladding.

This manual machine is a very simple and robust system, easy in handling and maintenance. The perfect choice for start up or small batch production process's.

Each of our systems are tailor made to the specific product, production requirements and adhesive.

Single bead gun.

Single bead gun available on request.


Capacity: 0.5 - 3 Litre/minute.

Viscosity: Up to 45,000 cps.

Air Supply Pressure: 6 BAR

Hose Length: 6 Metre.

Spreader Length: 500mm ,custom size spreader available on request.

Take advantage of our industry expertise and contact us with details of your application.