1KAM Advanced Manual - Application of One Component Moisture Cure Polyurethane Adhesive

The Advanced Manual is specifically designed for the application One Component Moisture Cure Polyurethane adhesive for bonding sandwich panels such as Doors, SIP Panels, acoustic boards and more .The System can also be adapted for use with most one component adhesives, including a Stainless-Steel version for PVA.

The same pump type, glue spreader and water spray is used on the Advanced Manual as on System 1900 automatic adhesive machine. We use an extruded aluminium frame with guide wheels to glide back and forth to apply the adhesive and then activate with water mist in a targeted way (see video at bottom of the page).

The Advanced Manual offers other benefits like simplifying production process’s and makes handling adhesive a much cleaner task and is particularly attractive to large companies that want to add a back up or give production a boost as well as small to medium sized companies where revenue does not merit an automatic system but a step up in production methods is still needed.

Adhesive Application System for Bonding

  • Manufacture sandwich panels.
  • Door panels
  • SIPS.
  • Laminate & Wood Veneer.
  • Insulated Panels.
  • Façades and Cladding Panels.

Advanced Manual Adhesive Machine

  • Targeted & controlled adhesive application.
  • Targeted & controlled water mist.
  • Fast production.
  • Low cost solution.
  • Low maintenance design.
  • Width of panel adjustable .

Advanced Manual
Max. Output (PU) 3 Litres/min
Max. Viscosity 35,000 mPas
Air Supply Pressure 7 BAR
Air Supply Volume 300 Litres/min
Water Mist 5 - 15%
Max. Application Width 1220 mm
Advance Manual System showing spreader bar, lay-up table, nozzle box and pumping station. Custom size adhesive spreader showing PTFE nozzles and shut-off valve, pull handle with water and adhesive activation triggers and two highly accurate water mist nozzles.
Various methods of adhesive application.

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